Friday, 13 January 2017

Team MoonLight

Kagami Makaso is the leader of this team.
Team MoonLight is the youngest and strongest group
that has ever been formed.
To the left.
is Nikki the Abysswalker.
To the right.
is Ember the DuskFall.
Team MoonLights mission is to protect the Black Heart at all costs, with the leader by his side in the shadows.


Raven is a lost spirit that has appeared six years ago, She drew inspiration from upon seeing a beautiful bird in the moon lit sky.
She has spent her years looking for answers about the past because when she turned into a spirit, she forgot everything that she could remember, to this day, She still tries to find the answers that will put her to rest. 

Hey its Max, i hope you all enjoy a little bit of my world, these are just a few characters that are featured in the novel, i will be posting more later on, but in the meantime, read my work if you have the time, thank you, pce out.

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