Monday, 9 January 2017

Hello, its me max, the creator of Black Heart.

Ive been taking a time off since the holidays began so ive been taking a break on writing all this, just got lazy i guess,
A Small history about this novel, when i posted the first chapter, the views blew up like a spark of interest.
Maybe it was because i was refining the writing as i copied it word for word. And when i figured out how to get my writing from here to there and so on, the view drops came lower.
so im thinking for you guys enjoyment and interest, im gonna refine my writing before i post it up, i hope this bit of improvement helps the growth on Black Heart.

i am yet to release somewhat good art ive made, its amature drawings thats up to the best of my ability, so i hope you can see how my characters look like here as i post them.

its about time i get out of stasis and get to working on my project.
And i hope that one day, that one day, i`ll make this a big thing.
Sure hope so.

ok just giving you guys and update about whats going on and hows it going, but let me ask you something
Which Character you like more?
i hope i get some feedback and get some motivation.
Ok see ya later. 

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