Sunday, 15 January 2017


Dark Seal No.1

Battle Armor

Here is a concept that i may input in the story, this armor has metal scales and barbwire all over the body, This terrifying appearance is imitating and scary, its meant to  scare anything mortal it comes across and kill.

Dark Seal No.2
Sam Shade

Number 2 or Sam is Ren`s right hand man, when he gets called and following his leader, there is nothing that can stop this sheer speed. dual wielding blades from his arms, he can kill you before you can run and hide, moving speedy in the shadows he can find you without rest.

Raven and Sally wake up in the woods after death.

Here is a moment where that wake up after death, looking up in the night sky, not having a care in the world, lost.
not knowing how and why they got where they are at now.
Raven looks like a young adult, she has a mature attitude and caring towards her friends.
Sally is an innocent child that stays beside her "Big Sister".
she is kind hearted and curious.

Raven smiles.

Raven smiles, her heart is pure, a lost spirit looking for answers, but her search has come to a halt because she has met a strange boy about her age.
curious as spirits are, she began haunting the boy in sparks of interest. but Raven did not expect what she has found.

Marcos new home.

As Marco looks out the window, in his new home, night is upon the town.
lights are on in the streets, keeping the shadow people at bay. and wondering where his parents have gone, they just ran out in strange clothing, his mom was in armor and his dad has a trench coat,  then that goth kid kagami from school came over when he needed them.
"He called them "Champions", i wonder why..." Marco said

Hey its Max here, I hope you all enjoyed my drawings, i know they are not that good but remember, to the best of my ability.
i'm gonna start posting my writing in a few days so look out for that. My artwork will come with a short story or just me trying to explain something so i hope you get a kick off this, i'm gonna be doing often.
follow me if you wanna see more of this world i have created. its a rich and dark land full of  mystery, romance, and fighting!
So if you are into that, Come follow me and lose yourself in the story.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Team MoonLight

Kagami Makaso is the leader of this team.
Team MoonLight is the youngest and strongest group
that has ever been formed.
To the left.
is Nikki the Abysswalker.
To the right.
is Ember the DuskFall.
Team MoonLights mission is to protect the Black Heart at all costs, with the leader by his side in the shadows.


Raven is a lost spirit that has appeared six years ago, She drew inspiration from upon seeing a beautiful bird in the moon lit sky.
She has spent her years looking for answers about the past because when she turned into a spirit, she forgot everything that she could remember, to this day, She still tries to find the answers that will put her to rest. 

Hey its Max, i hope you all enjoy a little bit of my world, these are just a few characters that are featured in the novel, i will be posting more later on, but in the meantime, read my work if you have the time, thank you, pce out.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Hello, its me max, the creator of Black Heart.

Ive been taking a time off since the holidays began so ive been taking a break on writing all this, just got lazy i guess,
A Small history about this novel, when i posted the first chapter, the views blew up like a spark of interest.
Maybe it was because i was refining the writing as i copied it word for word. And when i figured out how to get my writing from here to there and so on, the view drops came lower.
so im thinking for you guys enjoyment and interest, im gonna refine my writing before i post it up, i hope this bit of improvement helps the growth on Black Heart.

i am yet to release somewhat good art ive made, its amature drawings thats up to the best of my ability, so i hope you can see how my characters look like here as i post them.

its about time i get out of stasis and get to working on my project.
And i hope that one day, that one day, i`ll make this a big thing.
Sure hope so.

ok just giving you guys and update about whats going on and hows it going, but let me ask you something
Which Character you like more?
i hope i get some feedback and get some motivation.
Ok see ya later.