Monday, 26 December 2016

Hey to who ever is reading this,
Black Heart is about a boy who loses everything at a young age, his parents gone, life destroyed, and taken from his home town,
This story is about a boy named Marco, just marco because he doesn't know his last name, he has been bullied from the other kids where hes at.
life has gone downhill ever since his house and family burned down, but a mysterious phone call called child services, this person wanted to adopt him, but why?

He was a bad kid in general and hated everything and everybody around him, but little did marco know, that this is the moment that changed his life, his mind, and his Black Heart.

ive realized that i posted too fast. hope you all enjoy this  fast and the readers get bored, but here is where you can find clues or just keep up to date on what im doing with the book, i really hope this gets big, ive worked on this for the longest time.
I have a few more chapters to post, and im still working on the latest chapter.
i work on Black Heart from time to time when im not doing busy things, so i hope you guys come see this side of the blog

The reading part of this is : 
Copy and past into the search bar up ahead if this doesn't work 

I hope who ever is reading this, you enjoy this new blog about the book and things in general, because its gonna be a big part in Black Heart, 
See ya in the next post.

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